Robert Gray Music

Thanks for visiting my website. I am an independent songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. My music has been described as "sketchbook pop" and contains elements of folk, jazz and blues.I perform and record all my music in my home studio and release new music and videos regularly.

30.10.21 Never Give Up

When the going gets tough... never give up!


If you've ever wanted to do something but worried about what other people would think, then this one is for you!


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22.01.21 "Short Stories" out now

Short Stories is the debut album by British songwriter Robert Gray. The theme of the album is family, love and hopefulness.


Featuring ten new and original songs, the album was recorded over a period of ten years in Robert's home studio. All vocals and instruments were performed by Robert, with guest appearances by Lukas Dahle and Stephan Peters.


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