Never Give Up (single)

by Robert Gray

Released on 30.10.21


Well, you never give up. Don't go letting them win.
Never give up. Count to ten and try again.
Well, you never give up. No, it's never too late.
Never give up. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


And I say, pick the battles you can win.
You tried and failed this time, but take a look at what you've learned.
And I say, It's ok to be afraid.
Fortune only favours the bravest of the brave.


And what's the worst that could happen?
You think that somebody will laugh, or they'll call you silly names?
Whose opinion really matters?
You only stand to lose if you never play the game.


They tried Galileo for a crime.
They said the sun goes round the earth, but they couldn't change his mind.
And we know Cleopatra fought and died.
She couldn't beat the Romans but she took them for a ride.


Words and music by Robert Gray


Vocals, guitars, piano, fretless bass guitar and percussion by Robert Gray


Mastered by Olav Christensen

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    Like it very much.