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Take It From Me

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I can see a lot of me in you; the same old fire in the things you do. 

I used to think I didn't fit my skin. I had no sense, I had no discipline.

We've all got to find a path. Son, you won't be the last,

Take it from me.

Love to live and learn to love every time you come apart.

Well, you sleep to dream. Take it from me. 


It's getting hard to be a man today but you can pack your bags and fly away. 

Fighting is easy, words are hard. Don't pull the trigger when your way is barred.


We've all got to find a path...


Now I don't care what you learn in school if you remember just this one rule:

Good things in life are here on loan. We save and guard them while we're flesh and bone. 

Found You

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I feel like I'm learning all the time.

I turn another corner, there's a hill to climb.

Looking over your shoulder won't make you no wiser -

It makes you feel older. I get a little bolder every day.


I lost you, I found you. 

Now I'm around you I won't let you go.

I wanted to be here just to let you know.

I'm changing my tune from today


Making up for the distance every day.

I call out for assistance when I lose my way.

Give a man the freedom to make his mistakes;

He'll be there when you need him. I get a little wiser every day.


I lost you, I found you...


Pour another glass and I'll sit next you.

I don't need to be asked twice: it's what I long to do.

I feel like I'm arriving. Life is much more than 

simply surviving. We get a little closer every day.

Working For The Man

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I was only looking for a way to earn a wage.

They sent me here to see the man.

I saved all my money for a year to ride the train

Into the city. Now I'm working for the man.


No-one ever taught me how to read or how to write.

All I know is how to work the land.

So when I signed the contract I couldn't read a line.

They said "That's ok – just leave it to the man".


I can't afford to leave this place; I can't afford to stay

And the man is going to work me to the ground.

This factory is hell and if I could I'd leave today,

Just like every other mother in this town.

Let's Grow Old Together

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Remembering our wedding day, 50 years from now.

What kind of world will we be living in? Well, I hope we both get to find out.

Looking back into our history; life and loving without end.

There'll be things we learned the hard way, things we'll yearn to do again. 


Oh, oh, oh, oh – let's grow old together.

Oh, oh, oh, oh – let's grow old together.


You could have gone for someone handsome, someone richer or more tanned. 

But I'm glad you found a reason to love me as I am.

Sail with me through stormy weather 'til we reach the journey's end.

So it is, let's stay together the very best of friends.


Oh, oh, oh, oh – let's grow old together.

Oh, oh, oh, oh – let's grow old together


I'm not afraid of getting older, I'm not afraid to die.

The setting sun is always golden before the stars are in the sky.

End My Days

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I've been searching all night long. Gonna search the whole day through.

You run round this big old town. There's always someone new.

Gonna end my days holding out for you.


You've been breaking all the rules. You think I don't have a clue.

I can't sleep and I can't eat. Man, I don't know what to do.

Gonna end my days holding out for you.


I've been searching all night long. Gonna search the whole day through.

I've been down and I've been out, I've been every shade of blue.

Gonna end my days holding out for you. 

Beneath The Waterline

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Not much life left in me now 
That I'm good for anyhow.
Not much to write home about.
Another hole beneath the waterline
And I won't stay afloat this time.
Another hope, another lie.
We've come undone
There's really not a lot that you could say
To make me feel better about today.
All I want is for you to see
We've come undone.

Kings & Bishops

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We took a walk to a church by a river;

Held your hand as you climbed the broken stones.

Tried not to think what tomorrow would deliver.

Touched the walls, pale as human bones.


Storm gathers in; clouds bleeding rain.

Soaked to the skin, then the sun shines again.


Under the knife and under the covers;

Worried faces waiting in the hall.

When you awake we'll be there with your brothers;

Oh, love's the best medicine of all.


Hillsides of flesh, rivers are veins.

Out of these ruins rose love again.


Maybe one day you'll return with a daughter

And she'll ask about the scars upon your hand.

Follow this path running down to the water.

Kings and bishops fall, the walls will stand.

The walls will stand.  The walls will stand. 

The Setting Of The Sun

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“Who's that fellow on TV with the funny orange skin?

Dirty pervert! Ignorant! You know he won't get in...”

Should have been a welcome home for Hilary and Bill,

But now the crazy man has broken into the house upon the hill.


Oh, people – take a look at what you've done.

The devil's here to clap and cheer the setting of the sun.


Little mind, little hands, golf resorts in foreign lands.

Partisan, party man, don't talk to the other clan.

A russian doll, a trojan horse, a puppet on a string.

You won't be laughing any more when the jester is the king.


Oh, people – don't you see what you have done?

The longest night you'll ever see has only just begun.

Don't give up; the battle will be won.

Kingdom come, we will be done by the setting of the sun.


Going low, going high – what difference does it make?

He'll bitch about the daily news, but we can spot the fake.

Watch the hands behind his back, don't get distracted by the flak.

Pull the thing up by its roots and get on the attack!


Oh, people – we've got 'em on the run.

Jump down, turn around – justice will be done.

Don't give up. It's heartache and it's pain.

Dry your eyes, watch the skies: the sun will rise again.

Dry your eyes, look to the skies: the sun will rise again.

The Thief

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There are many different names for what I do.

And I’ve worked the Devil’s trade my whole life through.

A crook or a trickster, 

A smuggler or a swindler;

A common thief is all I am to folk like you.


I could teach you tricks and fiddles that I’ve learned.

Have the shirt from off your back before it’s turned.

I can act all smiles and sweetness, 

But I prey upon your weakness.

If you’re careless or naive you’ll get burned.


And I don’t mind that they’re always trying to find me;

They’re just one step behind me all the time.

Ain’t surprised that they fear and despise me

When they tell lies about me I don’t mind.


I was born on the wrong side of the law.

Raised on guns, lies and robbery galore.

But as God is my witness, 

I joined the family business,

’cause what’s the use in being virtuous and poor?


And I don’t mind that they’re always trying to find me...


There are many different names for what I do,

And if you’d seen what I’ve seen you’d do it too.

You can scorn and castigate, 

But if you’re wise you’ll imitate.

If you don’t steal from them they’re gonna steal from you. 


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I can hear your soft, little sigh.

I can feel your face next to mine.

I can say when I awake in the night

How wonderful it is to be alive.


When there are no more secrets to keep

I will sing to you as you sleep.

I will fold you in a blanket of stars

And hold you as you slip into a dream. 

All words and lyrics Copyright Robert Gray (2021). All rights reserved.